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About Dog Info 101

Why did we even make Dog Info 101? For you, of course! We have dog breed information on this website. We also have "Fun Stuff" for when you just want a small break from learning about dog breeds. You can even submit your dog breed information by e-mailing it (or what dog breed you want us to write about) to us. We hope you have a great time here!

Site updates

Here are site updates.

July 20: New things were added to the page "Fun Stuff".

Kewl things to do

Be sure to vote in the week's polls and take our website survey! Both will be coming out soon! Be watching the updates!

Have comments about my site?

If you do have comments about our site, please e-mail us at the e-mail address below.

How to submit pictures of your furry friends

Do you have any cute pictures of any of your animals? Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, etc.? Well, just e-mail them to us at our e-mail addres and you could see pictures of your animals on our website!*

*You cannot submit any pictures of animals being hurt in any way, and no animals that are covered in blood. We don't mind animals that are injured but have been treated at the vet, but please no pictures of animals bleeding. Also, please don't make them large. You can resize them at photobucket.com, etc. Thank you for cooperating!

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